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At Anderson Monument Company in Clifton Forge, VA we have a wide-ranging display of monuments and memorial items as well as diverse picture catalogs to help you decide on the one that satisfies your needs.

The gravestones, bronze markers and other cemetery monuments are all designed to be customized to your liking.

Anderson Monument Company Clifton Forge Va - Memorial stone

Memorial stone in Clifton Forge, VA

Contact us today for more details on the cemetery memorials that will offer the most dignity to the final resting place.


Honoring and memorializing loved ones is a most personal matter and we share in this process with you.

Our professional designers in Clifton Forge are always here to add information or to existing designs.

We work from simple to large and upscale and can create artwork for public monuments.

We are here to consult and to give you the finest memorial possible.


Sometimes a smaller monument is what is called for and most appropriate. Monuments that are of lower profile to the ground are called markers, or grass markers. There are a number of design options in stone or bronze that can include a front or back slope.

Veterans’ markers that are authorized through the VA are some of our most requested items.

Our professional team can conveniently install all markers. Contact us for more information.

Customized products

Most of our monuments and memorial items in Clifton Forge can be customized so they don’t necessarily look like a traditional item.

Our products are sandblasted and then hand-etched in suitable detail so your loved one is uniquely memorialized.

As is true with all of our monuments, these services are reasonably priced and offer the most fitting possible memorial. Contact us for more information.